Pre-Primary (CBC) Subjects/Learning Areas Definitive Guide

The Pre-Primary is collective term that contains 2 grades part of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), a new education system set to replace 8-4-4 . This now completes the upper primary set making it:
  • Pre-Primary 1 commonly known as PP1
  • Pre-Primary 2 commonly known as PP2
Students may or may not have to attend Day Care in order to enter this level. The KICD considers Pre-Primary as the formal starting point of learning in Kenya. This is where 2-6-3-3-3 CBC education cycle initiates.

In 8-4-4, this was what was known as Nursery Schools or Kindergarten Schools. Contrary to what people think, 8-4-4 NEVER recognized nursery schools, as it's learning system started of at Primary School 8-4-4. As such, nursery schools never truly had any standards stipulated by the Ministry of Education.

CBC replaced subjects with what is known as learning areas this differs from the predecessor in that it majorly consists of activities.
Topics is replaced by strands. A learning areas at these level heavily consists of Activities, this is the use of learning aids such as physical objects such as bottle caps to help the learner in counting in Mathematics. 

Pre-Primary (PP1 & PP2) learning areas include:
  • Mathematics Activities
  • Language Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Psychomotor and Creative Activities
  • Religious Education Activities

Religious Education Activities consists of
  • Christian Religious Education
  • Islamic Religious Education
  • Hindu Religious Education
A student must pick a learning activity based on the above, if the school is offering all of the above.
In CBC, students are promoted to the next grade based on attainment of a required Expectation Level. Not marks. 
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