Principles of a Good School System

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  • Date Modified23-07-2022
  • Date Published2022-07-23

Due to the nature of learning institutions, the need for a clear way to handle information effectively and efficiently as possible regardless of the bulk information arises. This renders use of manual papers unbearable. This is because of the constant inflow of students in the school every academic calendar.

As such it comes a time where the school requires a school management system. But not just any is needed as this might cause more problems than what was required to be solved.
As such when a school is looking for a school system certain principles must be in a system:

  • Accessibility 
  • Simplicity
  • Automation
  • All-in-one

Access of the system. Systems these days are one of two kinds: 

  • Desktop Application
  • Online Application

Desktop Application - A school system that is a desktop application can only exists in one computer. As such only one personnel can access the computer and so the system one at a time. This brings its own huddles as a school has many factions: accounting, academics, inventory, student records, staff records. Because of this. Having a school system only one computer becomes unbearable in moments of dire need.
If this type of system is used on different computers, they tend to suffer inconsistency of data as such computers usually are not in unison with the school data. An accountant using one computer to reconcile a student's fee wont reflect in a different computer in the same school because such desktop systems are not connected. This quickly leads to inconsistent and segregate data.
Breakdown if a computer containing the school system crashes. The school will find itself in big trouble especially in fatal crashes where data is not recoverable. In such times, when the computer containing the school system goes down. The school's function is stalled. Leading to issues where schools regress back to the manual system. Something that was unavoidable. 
Online Application - Is a school system that is online. Such systems remove accessibility barriers as access is possible by any device, be it laptop, smartphone or desktop. Staff members don't have to wait in line to use the system. This removes the burden of mandating schools to purchase pricey computers. Also risk of crashes is reduced and continuity of school functions is assured even in blackouts as a smartphone with Internet connection is sufficient. Furthermore data is always consistent as all users operate from one server and shown consistently to all users.

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