School Website

NexxusHub enables schools to get there very own school website.

Website for schools will enable them to be easily found in the larger Internet community. This enables schools to enjoy the benefits of a digital era where all the school information and services are found within the click of a button.

NexxusHub saves you the technical hassles in time and cost of website development and launching your website online. The school website comes with features specialized for the day-to-day school runnings, therefore no technical programming or design is needed. This saves the school the high initial cost of acquiring a website and the maintenance that comes with it.

School content in the website is directly controlled by the administration from the staff portal therefore visitors of your website get authentic and reliable information as the official school website.

School Website comes with the following features:

  • Secure Website
  • Domain & Hosting
  • School Profile
  • News and Events
  • Online Student Admission Application
  • Contact Us