How NexxusHub Works

NexxusHub is an online school management system for Kenya primary and secondary schools. It was designed as a cost-efficient and flexible system to transition Kenya schools from the manual era into the digital erena. The system is equipped for all the day-to-day runnings of any school whether day and or boarding, private or public.

NexxusHub consist of two different kinds of services:
  • Nexxus Secondary - For Secondary Schools
  • Nexxus Primary - For Primary Schools
Nexxus Secondary and Nexxus Primary are paid versions, each consisting of 3 package plans. You simply select a package plan that has the features you are looking for.

1. Create a School Account

Basically to use a package of your choice from Nexxus Primary or Nexxus Secondary, you simply create a school account.

It is essential that the person creating the account be an authorized representative of their school and has the right to act on its behalf in the creation and management of the School Account. The person shall by default be the administrator and shall have full access to the system corresponding with the selected package.

After creating the school account, an email will be sent to the administrator containing login information. The email shall include Administrator Portal Login and Staff Portal Login details.

Administrator Portal Login

Only the administrator of the school account shall have portal login access. This Portal is where you can make payments and access Receipts and Invoices. This is where you can access other services such as buy Nexxus Credit for Bulk SMS.
The Administrator Portal Login can also be used to create more school accounts for schools that have branches.

Staff Portal Login

Staff Login is used by the school staff both teaching and non-teaching staff. The administrator can login and create school staff account and give access to different areas of the system.
Example: Teaching Staff - Subject Teacher
The administrator can create a staff account for the respective teacher and assign him or her respective subjects and system access to view and put students exams.
Example: Non-Teaching Staff - Bursar
The administrator can create a staff account for the respective teacher and assign him or her system access to view fee balances and receive payment and issue receipts.

Parent/Student Login

This is a feature available only under Platinum Package Plan. When a student is registered into the system, a student account is created automatically where either the student or parent/guardian can access the portal. Various information can be found such as academic background, fee statement and other features.