School Website URL

A URL also known as link is a web address that you use to find a website on the Internet.
When registering for a school account a link must be provided. This will enable students, parents and community to find your school website online.

All links come as a subdomain part of Therefore if your school name is One Secondary School and you choose onesecondary as the link, the link in full shall be If a parent with a child in One Secondary School wishes to know of any school news and events posted by the school he/she will type in the web browser to find the school website.

Recommendations on choose a school link

  1. When choosing a link for your school, the link should be clear and concise. Choose a link that reflects the name of a school. eg. One Secondary School can have a link
  2. Choose a link that is short as that would make it easier to remember, we strongly recommend to using the first name of the school if possible. Avoid adding "school" in the link, eg. is difficult and cumbersome to type in a web browser.