Student Card Agreement

Effective on Mon, 03-01-2022

This agreement is between the Student Card Holder and the School.

In this Agreement, the Card Holder shall mean the student whose face and details appear on their STUDENT SMART CARD. The student is required to take care of his or her School ID from theft, loss, damage or defacing and abstain from misuse of the SMART CARD herein shall mean the STUDENT SMART CARD.

This STUDENT SMART CARD is the official SCHOOL ID allowed by the school in pursuant to a license from NexxusHub. No other school identification is valid.

This SMART CARD is intended to be used ONLY by the intended student inside or outside the school.
Within the School, the SMART CARD can be used in the School System as:
  1. School Attendance Card
  2. Meal Card
  3. Library Card
  4. Sick Bay Card
  5. NexxusApp Login

Upon theft, loss or defacing of the SMART CARD, the student shall immediately notify the school administration. The administration will then take the necessary steps to terminate the SMART CARD from any official school use.
Upon theft, loss or defacing of the SMART CARD, the student shall be required to pay for a new SMART CARD together with a replacement fine as shall be dictated by the school.

The SMART CARD has a validity period as dated on the front face of the card. Upon expiry, the Card Holder shall be required to acquire a new SMART CARD as the card shall cease to function on all School Systems. The Card Holder should inform the school administration on the card nearing the expiration date.

Partial or whole duplication of the SMART CARD is forbidden.
A student cannot at any point in time have more than one active SMART CARD.

The SMART CARD is property of the School. The following shall actions done by the card holder, shall be considered misuse of the smart card.
  • Using the School System (NexxusHub) with the SMART CARD belonging to someone else's SMART CARD. This shall be treated as masquerading, those caught will have their SMART CARDS confiscated, and new SMART CARDS shall be required, a replacement fine shall be incurred on the colluding Card Holders.
  • Intentional damage or defacing of the SMART CARD. This shall be treated as malicious damage of school property.